Friday, July 27, 2012


I picked up this old beauty about
6 months ago with no intention of restoring it.
The more I looked at it,
the more I thought it may be worth doing.
It has a nice rocker and outline.
It has been said that the best of these
old logs have been surfed into oblivion.
Maybe this one, is one that has survived.

No fin.
Many dings.
Delams on deck from knee paddling.
And some genius has tried to reshape the nose.
It could be 6" shorter than original.
New section of stringer scarped into place.

Foam fitted, bonded
and shaped.

The board on the left is also a Bennett
from the same era.
I tried offering up the curves I have to it
and the one I eventually used
matches the the board pretty closely.

A new fin had to be made.

Gloss coats.

This board is a rider.
It is going to get dinged and scratched.
I'll do the pigment work, if and when it is retired.

1 comment:

name said...

H, what are the stains, are they water damage? Glad oyu restore it to get it back in the water! Considering buying a very beat up old bunger but it is super heavy, nose is open and has all those brown stains, is that water damage? Worth it to get in the water again?