Saturday, August 19, 2017


 King Surfboards.
According to Surfresearch this logo 
has the board dated to 1961.
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 It measures in at.
9' 6 3/8" x 20 3/8" x 3 3/4"
Nose 16"
Tail 16" 
Pod 5 1/2"
The stringers are inlaid.
The bottom stringer runs down the centre line as usual.
The deck has two stringers.
The left side runs from the corner of the pod
in a curve to the nose.
The right side runs from the other corner of the pod
straight to the nose.
Both stringers are off set at the nose.

 The original fin had been removed
so that it could be displayed 
deck up against a wall.

 The bottom needed to be re laminated.
After years of exposure to UV
and only having one layer of 6oz cloth
 it was extremely weak.
 Two layers of 4oz cloth 
were added over the existing layer of 6oz cloth
 and lapped onto the deck. 

 Bottom lams on.

 Top and bottom gloss coats.

 A new fin had to be made.
9" x 11" 

 Bottom foil.

Enlarge image to see the stringers. 

Friday, June 03, 2016


 This board is a Neale Taylor tunnel fin.
Neale Taylor ran
Taylor's Boatshed at Woy Woy on the
NSW Central Coast.
Where Fishermans wharf is today.
These two logos appear to be
business cards.
 Pre restoration.
9' 3 1/2" x 21 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Nose 16 3/8"
Tail 15 3/8"
Pod 3"
 Four views of the fin.
It is made of chopped strand matt.
The resin was pigmented yellow.
As were the original stripes.
I suspect that the fin is not original.
There are the remains of two nails
in the stringer, in the tunnel
which would have been used to
position a single fin.
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 Gloss coats down.
New pigment stripes under the gloss.
 Very flat rocker.

Friday, April 22, 2016


 This board is a 7' 
Central Coast Surf Designs
single fin flyer pintail.
Built at the Wamberal factory
in 1975/76
Bill thinks it may have been
 a personal board.

 Pre restoration.
Visible repairs on the tail.

 The bottom was in such poor condition
the glass had to be removed.
It had pretty much completely delaminated
and was covered with stress marks.
The white patch is the old repair
mentioned in the above image.

 New bottom lam down.

 Prepped and ready for some 
pigment work to hide the 
old repairs.

 Deck glossed.

 Deck logo.
This is a logo used at 
AGE surfboards when Bill worked there.
It is also the 
Bing Surfboards 'Maui Foil' logo
circa 1969.
Bill told me that he stopped
using the logo when he found out
it belonged to Bing Surfboards.

 Typical mid 70's foil.
Very refined. 
With the original fin.

The finished product.

Monday, November 09, 2015


 Hohensee Surfboards
Pocket Rocket

Nick Masarm 

8'4" x 21 1/4" x 3 1/2"
Nose 16"
Tail 9 1/4"

 Hohensee ad.
Nick Masarm at centre
holding board.

 Up Down rails.
Up in the nose,
down in the tail.
Heavily rolled bottom at nose 
running away to a  flat tail behind the fin.

 Greenough stage 3 fin.
Base 7 1/2"
Height 9 1/4"
14 1/2" up.

 Flat rocker.

Not much was needed to be done to this board.
The tail tip needed replacing.
The tip of the fin was missing
and needed replacing.
A heavy sand, gloss coats 
top and bottom.
New pin lines.
Wet and dry sand to 1500.

Thursday, September 03, 2015


 This is a pretty refined Gordon Woods.
With the large GW on the bottom.
I think 1965/66.

 Every once in a while a board turns up and
when you look through all the dings and other damage
you think wow this board has something.
This is the case with this board.
Its owner saw the same thing and this is why
it has been restored. 
9" 2" x 22 1/8" x 3 1/4"
Wide point 4" 3" from pod.
Nose 16 3/4"
Tail 17"
Pod 5 3/4"

 I've restored a number of boards for the owner.
He likes to contribute to some of the work involved.
So it has been travelling between the two of us for 
close to 12 months.

 So the two images above is how it was 
when I received it.
Glass removed, rail dings cut out
and dings sanded ready for glassing.

 There was a large delam on the bottom nose.
This was prepped and re bonded.
The pod was badly damaged.
A cedar tail block was added. 

 Tail block.

 The large original GW on the bottom
had delaminated and had been pumped full of resin 
in an attempt to re bond it.
This resulted in the logo being pumped up above 
the level of the bottom of the board.
As it wasn't clamped or weighed down.
It was removed and replaced.

 The 12" fin was removed and a large 
delam underneath was re bonded.
The CSM fin had two layers of 6oz added per side.
Cleaned up and reset.

The board has a really nice bottom curve
and semi pinched rails.

The gloss coat was wet & dry sanded
by the owner, returned and polished by me.
The main objective was to get the board
back in the water. It was heavy to start with
 and with all the work done there was a worry
that would become to heavy. 
So no pigment work done on the obvious repairs
in an attempt to keep the weight down.

Young Sydney surfer
Keyo Rhodes
and the GW at the
2015 National Old Mal titles at
Crescent head.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


 This board is a Gordon Woods
reverse d fin.
No 4462.
With a 1 1/4" balsa stringer and
 1/4" Western red cedar side stringers.

 Pre restoration.
Numerous dings around the rails.
Alot of water stains.
9'4" x 21 3/4" x 3  9/16"
Nose 16" 
Tail 14 3/4"
Pod 4"

 The balsa stringer needed replacing
at the nose due to dry rot.
The cedar was fine and did not need replacing.

 Re bonding the delam 
under the fin.

 Typical early 60's foil.
Note the leg rope loop
at the pod.
This board is a rider.

 The CSM fin was cleaned up
and 2 layers of 6oz cloth
was added per side
before being reset.
11 1/4" high.
9 1/4" base.
1 7/8" from pod.