Thursday, July 23, 2009


Another DALE


Not in for a full restoration.
But in for some major work
and a polish.

Major delam.

Twenty two 2 litre milk bottles full of water.
Equates to 44kg.
Low tech but effective.
Ready for grinding and capping laminates.

Polycarbonate Safeset fin.

Pinlines over join.
All dings repaired and polished.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Dale surfboards was another manufactuter
based in Brookvale on Sydneys Northern beaches
in the 60's & 70's.
7'6" SOD
Steve O'Donnell
worked at Dale during this period.

Pre restoration.
Nose and tail damage.
With a few dings on the rails.

At some stage a plastic fin was crudely fitted
into the original Safeset finbox.
Making it impossible to use the finbox.

There were a couple of options.
Remove the old box and fit a new/second hand Safeset box.
Or fill the old box and set a new fin on top.
After removing a Safeset box from a donor board.
Which was a major job.
And caused some damage.
Filling the box and setting a new fin was by far the better option.
So the old box was cleaned up.
A 3mm rebate was cut into the box to make a clean edge.
Then filled with pigmented resin and milled fibre.
This was then capped with a two layers of 4oz cloth on the bias.

Almost a S-deck.

A new fin had to be made.
To a Safe Set template.