Saturday, May 05, 2012


8'9" x 21 1/2" x  3"
Nose 15 3/8"
Tail 15 1/4"
Pod 6"

As you can see from the image
this board was in pretty bad shape.
Lots of dings and discolouration.
The large rail ding to the right of the fin
was filled with car bog.
Water damage is clearly visable around the fin area.
The stringer under the fin was rotten and had to be replaced.

This is the 4th KD I have restored.
It is the 1st with a production number.

It is also the 1st with a regular D fin.
The other 3 had reverse D fins.
So I would place this board toward the end 
of the labels time based on the fin shape.
1962 to 1964.

Having said that.
The cut lap line on the bottom
is more representative of the early 60's.


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