Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This is the first of two Ron Surfboards to be restored. Ron Surfboards was a subsidiary company of Crane Industries. A plumbing supply company. Geoff Mc Coy started his career in the surfboard industry there. The blue pigment work is original. It is hiding some large voids in the foam on the bottom. The original fin was a plastic dork fin. This was beyond repair and was replaced. The area under the fin was badly water damaged and had to be re built. There had been an attempted restoration a some point. It was decided not to re do the pigment work as the covered foam was quiet white and the reversing effect looked good.


This is another Ron. Restored in 2004. Production No1654.
It is 9'7" x 20" x 3". It has a reverse D fin. The fin was out of the board with a fair amount of damage needing to be repaired before it could be re set. There was a large number of stress marks across the front half of the bottom of the board. These had to be sanded out and the area reglassed. The original pigment work was re coated and the repair work under the fin was also covered.


This is a Nirvana. Built at Kincumber on the NSW Central Coast. The board was shaped by Terry Moane. This is its second restoration. It is still owned by its original owner. The bottom needed to be re built. There was a large area of delam on the nose and there was a crease and delam on the tail forward of the fin. The deck had also delamed forward of the legrope plug. The bottom was reglassed, faired and painted with auto acrylic paint. And gloss coated. The deck is original.


This is a Hayden built in Queensland in the 60's. The board had two coats of pigment applied at some stage prior to restoration. The first may have been original as the foam is still very white. It has a Greenough stage one fin. The bottom had to be pigment coated,due to the areas in the middle and at the nose of the board being to damaged to leave clear.