Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Triple stringer.
9' 2"x 21 3/8"
Nose 16 1/4"
Tail 15 1/4"
Pod 5"

This board is in very good condition.
The blue stripe was not original and was removed.
There were a few onions on the deck
and some small dings on the rails.
There is some water staining also on the rails.

Nice rocker.
The deck and bottom have quite a bit of camber.

The fin is CSM with 10oz cloth over.
Base 11 1/2"
Hight 9 1/2"
The fin may have been a D.
Looks like the trailing has been reshaped.

Dings repaired.
Sanded and re glossed and pollished.
At some stage there was a stripe on the deck.
There is no evidence of why it was removed and painted over.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This board is a Taylor. Built in Wow Woy
on the NSW Central coast.
Mr Taylor was a shipwright.
His shed was on the water front
next to the fish markets.

This board has had a previous restoration.
The non original stripes on the deck were removed
to reveal some of the work done.

Original stripes remain intact.
Glossed and polished.


9'7" x 21 1/4"
Nose 16"
Tail 13 1/2"
Pod 3"

This old board has seen better days.
The glass on the bottom has been severely attacked by the UV's.
The deck was in slightly better condition.
Numerous delams top and bottom.
Mainly in the sunburnt areas.

Fairly flat rocker with a stage 1 Greenough fin.

The crosses appear original
and were touched up prior to glossing.
This board is past being a rider with the glass the way it is.
But well worth restoring as a wall hanger.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is a little Sam Egan s deck.

The nose was delamed top and bottom.
The bottom had been painted at some stage.
The paint was removed to reveal a relatively clean bottom.
Rather than inject resin,
the nose was opened up around the rail apex.
Reglassed and glamped back together.
The finished board.
Similar in some respects to the old side slippers.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


This old Ron was only in for ding repairs and a polish.
But I think it is worth showing.
It is the earliest model I have seen.
9' 9 1/4" x 20 1/4" x 3 3/8"
Nose 15 1/2"
Tail 13 1/2 "

Pretty basic D fin. Foil logo.