Friday, April 22, 2016


 This board is a 7' 
Central Coast Surf Designs
single fin flyer pintail.
Built at the Wamberal factory
in 1975/76
Bill thinks it may have been
 a personal board.

 Pre restoration.
Visible repairs on the tail.

 The bottom was in such poor condition
the glass had to be removed.
It had pretty much completely delaminated
and was covered with stress marks.
The white patch is the old repair
mentioned in the above image.

 New bottom lam down.

 Prepped and ready for some 
pigment work to hide the 
old repairs.

 Deck glossed.

 Deck logo.
This is a logo used at 
AGE surfboards when Bill worked there.
It is also the 
Bing Surfboards 'Maui Foil' logo
circa 1969.
Bill told me that he stopped
using the logo when he found out
it belonged to Bing Surfboards.

 Typical mid 70's foil.
Very refined. 
With the original fin.

The finished product.

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