Tuesday, January 06, 2015


 This is a 1970/71 McCoy twin fin.
It has DAPPA  Grant 'Dappa' Oliver 
in pencil on foam 
at the pod on the deck.

 5'4" x 20"
This board was in very poor condition.
Depressions, dings and water stains all over.
All the depressions on the bottom were filled.
Dings repaired etc.
The board was sanded and a layer of 4oz cloth
top and bottom was added.

 Original nose.

 The fins were in bad shape.
Both were removed and repaired.
The one on the right had delamed 
and had to be glued back together.
The other fin had been attacked with a saw.

 Repaired and re set fins.

 S deck foil.


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