Sunday, April 13, 2014


This board is a
Barry Bennett stringered V-bottom.

As you can see from the images
it was in pretty poor condition.

Nice and bright under the original pigment.

Detail of the dodgy repair work on the nose.

The original fin was removed.
The area under the fin was repaired.
The fin was repaired and reset.

This board was destined for a pigment job from the start.
The number 4042 was penciled into the blank.
And some of the volan lams 
were not masked and cut.

The stringer needed extending.
New foam was glued up.
The nose was reshaped and glassed.

Freshly pigment coated bottom.


Finished top and bottom.
This board is a rider.
A leg rope loop was glassed onto the pod.
A clear panel was left to highlight the number.

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