Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Fluted bat tail.
Early 80's thruster.

Found on a council pick up.
Its amazing what people throw out!

In house custom sprays
back in those days.
This board must have been stored inside.
The spray job looks as good as the day it was done.

The tail had been squared off at some stage.
Fortunately the bat tail was left in tact.
Visible in second image.

Foil is still pretty flat through the middle and tail.

The trailing edge centre fin has 
been modified. 

Bill was pretty excited to see this board.

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Glenn and Jo said...

I had a custom made flutted bat tail with full spray job (blue/black/white chequers) designed by Bill in the early eighties. Loved the board but sadly lost if off the roof of my car many years ago at Green Point.
I've always kept an eye out for it to reappear one day!!