Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have it on pretty good authority, that some bolts were
built at Bennett's and shaped by Steve O'Donnell.

The deck was in pretty good condition
apart from a dodgy legrope install and a few onions.


The rails and the bottom were in poor condition.
Extra glass was added around the rails.
Any lows were then built up and faired.

Freshly glossed bottom.
This board has been kept as original as possible.
So all the dings and stressied are visable.
There is a story in them all.
The only thing the owner wanted to hide
was the ugly post production legrope plug.

Typical early to mid 70's rocker.

And outline with widepoint and thickness foward.


Unknown said...

good job

johnB said...

fine work. I like the fact that you leave the marks and stuff in the board. I have seen so many board "restorations" esp in the states where they have actually stripped the blank and re-glassed!!! crazy!