Thursday, August 26, 2010


This board has been laying in its owners backyard
for who knows how long.
To short and to new to ride in old mal comps,
it was left in old mal limbo, waiting for the right moment
 to be remembered.
That moment came thanks to its owner reading
Bob McTavish's book "Stoked"
The penny dropped.
I think I've got one of those "Plastic Machines"
laying around in the back yard somewhere.

8’2” x 24 ¼” N 18 ½” T 18”
Wide point 4” behind midpoint.
It has a fair amount of camber in both the bottom and the deck.

It's got a bit of the "pig" in it.
A high density foam stringer.
Unfortunately no shapers initials are visible.

Greenough stage three.
111/2" high
8 3/4" from pod.

1 comment:

Gary Crockett said...

Thanks David,

The name Plastic Machine appears to have covered various shapes - I always thought it referred to the V-bottom stubbie, which this clearly isn't. Perhaps Bob Mc had a few extra decals laying around...?


Gary Crockett