Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is a label owned by Bill Cilia (Nirvana Surfboards)

This board is 7'5"
I would say it was built in the early to mid 70's.
I will confirm.
I spoke to Bill on the weekend.
Bill said that the board would have been one of the first
boards built under this label.
Probably 73/74.
The logo is an old AGE surfboards logo.

Handcrafted by Bill Cilia.

Some delams were re bonded on the deck.
The two dark areas on the deck are previously re bonded delams.
A cedar tail block was fitted.

The bottom was covered with stressies from nose to tail.
These were sanded back to the glass.
Any dings and lows on the bottom and rails were repaired.
Then the bottom was re glassed with a layer of 6oz.
This was lapped around the rails onto the deck.
The deck, apart from the delams was in pretty fair condition.

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