Monday, September 07, 2009


Early foam Bennett.
The current owner is the second owner.
9'1"x 21 3/8"x 3 1/4"
nose 16 3/16"
tail 18 3/16"

This board has two 5/8" balsa stringers
tapering out from the nose to the tail.
The board had no open dings.
There were a few deep gouges on the bottom nose which
needed some attention. As did the knee dents on the deck.

The fin needed re glassing.
The leading & trailing edges were showing exposed timber.

Check out the tail rocker.
And how much the fin protrudes out past the pod.

This is a rare example of a Pig board.
circa 1959/60.
The wide point is 3'6" from the pod.

The finished board.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

An Absollutely outstanding Restoration on my one owner "Piggy" Dave. It now adourns the Rack of Style down South of the "Big Smoke" No guesses as to the amount of style that just pours out of this georgous "Piggy" each time she Slides on through the deep blue and green.
Many Thanks Dave. One Happy Piggy.