Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Triple stringer.
9' 2"x 21 3/8"
Nose 16 1/4"
Tail 15 1/4"
Pod 5"

This board is in very good condition.
The blue stripe was not original and was removed.
There were a few onions on the deck
and some small dings on the rails.
There is some water staining also on the rails.

Nice rocker.
The deck and bottom have quite a bit of camber.

The fin is CSM with 10oz cloth over.
Base 11 1/2"
Hight 9 1/2"
The fin may have been a D.
Looks like the trailing has been reshaped.

Dings repaired.
Sanded and re glossed and pollished.
At some stage there was a stripe on the deck.
There is no evidence of why it was removed and painted over.

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Unknown said...

"Life Comes Down To Just A few Moments of Pure Joy". And This resto has made me enjoy a lot more than I ever imagined.
Again my deepest gratitude goue to you Dave. Such a masterpiece of work you have provided to bring this beautiful much loved "GW" to its forme glory.

Many Thanks again Dave. PM..